It’s hard to believe that the end of 2014 is just around the corner—and with a new year comes new trends. The specialists at Gary Riggs Home have compiled a few of the interior design trends they predict will be hot in 2015.

1. Neutral Palettes: The Pantone colors for 2015 will include a soft, neutral array of pale pinks and flesh-colored hues. Interior elements that will work well with this palette include romantic frosty florals, milky or tinted glassware and gauzy, delicate fabrics.

2. Natural Living: The natural, organic trend that has been so hot this year shows no signs of slowing down in 2015. Incorporate this trend into your interior design by adding fresh shades of green into your wall color, rugs, curtains, or throw pillows, along with light neutral tones of gray or beige. To create an even more natural feel, be sure to allow in as much natural light into the room as possible.

3. Bold Touches: 2015 will bring a sudden shift from minimalist interiors to bold, saturated colors in everything from linens and dinnerware to furnishings and accessories. Expect for even a few tie-dye touches to pop up next year.

4. Blurred Lines: Loose geometric shapes will spread like wildfire in 2015. Expect to see tiled floor patterns, hand-painted lines on walls and shadowy shapes on draperies and linens.

5. Nautical: You can expect to see a healthy dose of nautical and aquatic-influenced themes incorporating various shades of blue in 2015. Specific hues to consider are turquoise—a color that has been gaining popularity—as well as cobalt blue, a multi-faceted shade that is bold enough to stand on its own but can also complement lighter blues.

6. Light Wood: Espresso-toned woods have been unrelenting for the last few years, but in 2015, expect to see more caramel and honey-toned woods in walnut, oak and cherry finishes. Incorporating these light woods in floors or furniture will add an upbeat tone to your space and will go well with the nautical blues mentioned above.

7. Heavy Metal: An exciting trend for 2015 will be the upsurge of warm metallics—including brass, bronze and burnished gold—in home accessories as well as lighting fixtures. Besides adding some dramatic flair to your space, these metals mix well, which opens up an extensive array of looks.

8. Go Wild: Although it’s been a trend in Texas for a few years, expect to see the hair-on-hide style to spread. You’ll see animal-inspired materials on sofas, console tables and cushion designs. You can also drape hides over a living room or dining room chair to add some extra warmth to a space.

9. Redeemed Resources: The “green” trend of incorporating recycled materials—such as wood, stone and metal—into decor to promote an environmentally friendly sensibility will continue in 2015. This style blends well with the natural trend mentioned earlier, and meshes perfectly with organic shapes and textures.

10. Graphic Details: Don’t be too quick to say a sweet goodbye to the black-and-white decor. Although this trend will fade some in 2015, you can expect to see the rise of black-and-white graphics in everything from wallpaper and floor covers to textiles and larger investment pieces.