The fields of home decor and fashion have a lot in common. For instance, few well-placed accessories are essential to tying a look together, whether it’s a trendy get-up or a room of your home. The designers at Gary Riggs Home offer these 10 tips and tricks on how to pick the right items to transform your space from drab to dazzling.

1. Keep your individual style in mind. Your accessories—and, by extension, your home—are a reflection of your personality. The items you choose to display will communicate that throughout your home, so choose your home accessories carefully and with purpose.

2. Consider the style of the room. Be consistent with the room’s interior design when picking accessories, and try to add items that accent the room’s style. Don’t add an ultra-modern accessory in a strictly traditionally appointed room, for instance, no matter how much you love it.

3. Focus on favorites. Don’t clutter a room by over-accessorizing. Keep it simple and tasteful by removing those items you’re blasé about and only displaying those you love most.

4. Don’t overlook function and comfort. Just because that pillow or throw is the perfect match for the sofa doesn’t mean it’s right for your room. If it’s scratchy or uncomfortable and it sits on an oft-used piece of furniture, it won’t take long until you’re annoyed and tossing it into a storage closet.

5. Scale matters. Keep the scale of the room and its furniture in mind when picking accessories. Pieces that are too large can overpower the room and make it look cheap, while a collection of too-tiny trinkets in a large space can end up looking like a cluttered child’s room full of toys.

6. So does color.

Don’t forget color when choosing accessories, as well. Pick a color that can already be found in the room, and match accessories to that color to tie everything together and give an overall sense of definition and unity.

7. Use multiples and layers. Repeated multiples of small items, like a trio of hanging mirrors, are a wonderful way to add a little dimension to your home. Layering accessories of differing sizes also gives the same effect, with the largest item placed first, followed by medium and small.

8. Go seasonal. Accessories don’t have to be permanent. Let the weather outside inspire you, and change your décor with the seasons.

9. Light it up. Light not only affects our mood, but it also sets the mood of the room. Forget the harsh overhead light and fill your home with lamps and candles to create a cozy atmosphere.

10. Include accessories that have stories. The best accessories are those that are unique to you, that have stories to tell and that enhance your everyday life. Place them prominently so you can see them every day, and so your guests can admire your personal sense of style.