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Make Your Bedroom Feel Like a Five-Star Hotel


Who doesn’t love staying in an upscale hotel and sleeping in a luxurious bed? Don’t you wish you could have this same lavish experience in your own bedroom? The specialists at Gary Riggs Home have [...]

Transform Your New House Into a Home


There’s nothing like moving into a new place to give you the urge to decorate. And even though you’re excited about the prospect of creating your dream home, there’s also the overwhelming stress of just [...]

10 Tips and Tricks for Picking Accessories


  The fields of home decor and fashion have a lot in common. For instance few well-placed accessories are essential to tying a look together, whether it's a trendy get-up or a room of your [...]

Ideas for Decorating Your Dream Bedroom


More than one-third of our lifetime is spent sleeping, but the bedroom is more than just the place we slumber. It’s where we retreat to relax, recharge and reflect at the end of the day. [...]

Create a Whole New Mood With Color


  Color and mood are so intricately connected that we often don’t even that realize our thoughts and feelings have been lifted by a bright blue sky or a vivacious batch of magenta flowers. People [...]

Outside of Park City, Utah


Outside of Park City, Utah, we were fortunate to be able to install this 12,000 sq. ft. vacation home. Stunning views and landscapes made for an inspirational setting. We think the house, which will be [...]