Ramonda Schwieder

Senior Design Consultant l Senior Designer

Ramonda Schwieder returns from Asia with rich experiences in design and build for high-end residential projects and commercial work (exceeding 50,000 square feet per project). Her versatility in executing various styles of interior design comes naturally and, with 17 years of practical experience, her clients trust her implicitly. 

She listens carefully to the needs of her clients and asks pertinent questions to draw out her client’s desires and personalities in order to reflect selections and choices for their homes. Interior design and decoration at Gary Riggs are personable and subjective to each individual. You can trust Ramonda to bring out your needs, wants, and wish list with her intelligence, good design practice, honesty, and laid-back sense of humor on your project. Your home will not just be beautifully and functionally laid out but comfortable in good Gary Riggs style. 

Call us today to book an appointment with this designer. She will bring out the best in you and translate that out in your home.