The colder temperatures might be keeping you from enjoying the outdoors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring a bit of nature inside. It’s well known that bringing the beauty of nature into indoor living spaces promotes health, relieves stress, and restores tranquility. To help you add a touch of nature to your home, the interior experts at Gary Riggs Home offer these simple tips.

Plants & Flowers

The most obvious way to bring the outdoors inside is with houseplants and fresh-cut flowers. Potted plants and small trees or shrubs bring life to every room, while fresh-cut flowers add color and elegance. Also, multiple studies have shown that plants and flowers boost feelings of happiness and peacefulness.

Natural Elements

Plants aren’t the only way to incorporate nature into your home décor. Wood, cork, and bamboo furniture or wall accents make a room feel warm and inviting. Stone flooring offers a diverse number of textures and colors, from slate and quartzite to sandstone and marble. Stone floors can also help keep a North Texas home cooler in the summer, and they provide the opportunity to change up your home’s look with area rugs in the cooler months. Natural fibers like sisal, seagrass, jute, hemp, wicker, and rattan can be added to a room in a variety of ways, from furniture to baskets and rugs to lampshades.

Views & Light

Scientific studies have found that a view of the outdoors is healthful—and the more natural the view, the better. Don’t obstruct your windows with furniture or another décor, and trim any outdoor shrubs or plants that block your line of sight to the outdoors. Arrange the room’s seating for optimal window views. If you place blinds or drapes over windows, ensure you can open them fully in order to allow as much direct sunlight inside as possible. Also, consider installing a skylight to allow in even more natural light. Weather permitting, open your windows and doors, especially in the morning and evenings. This will allow the sounds and smells of the outdoors to permeate your home.

Water Elements

Water features can enrich a room and add a unique ambiance. Small water fountains and water gardens are refreshing and atmospheric in a foyer or living room, while accent walls featuring waterfalls or trickling streams make unique backdrops for a living room, bathroom or even a kitchen. Another way to add a calming and revitalizing water element to your home to install a fish tank. If you’re up to the task of maintaining it, put a large aquarium in the den, or simply place a small, low-maintenance betta fish tank on the desk in your home office.

Outdoor Colors

Natural colors, textures, and patterns inspire images of the outdoors and promote relaxation. Earth tones convey a sense of groundedness, while brighter colors found in nature can uplift your mood. Greens evoke visions of trees and grass, while blues refresh the spirit and yellows inspire sunniness. Use these colors on walls, window coverings, bedding, accessories and another décor. Floral patterns on throw pillows, drapes or rugs can also help bring the outdoors inside.

Discovered Treasure

Seashells, rocks, driftwood, leaves, bird feathers, and other elements of nature you’ve picked up while traveling or just walking around locally can not only add natural beauty to your home but inspire memories, as well. Tuck shells, sea dollars, small rocks, and even jars of beach sand into hutches, shelves, mantels, and other nooks around your living space. Large rocks or pieces of wood make great bookends or even small end tables.

There are many ways you can incorporate nature into your home. Contact the designers at Gary Riggs Home to help make a natural design statement.