Make your home cozy and welcoming this fall by enhancing your living space with texture. The designers at Gary Riggs Home believe that this crucial but often-overlooked design component adds dimension to a room that might otherwise feel flat and uninviting. Here are a few ways you can add texture and depth to any room.


Utilizing the same visual tone throughout a room makes it feel lifeless and bland. Decorating with tonal color variations adds dimension and visual interest. Choose three colors to mix throughout the room in the form of wall décor, accent rugs, accent pillows, accessories, and window treatments.


One of the most overlooked ways to add texture in a room is with lighting. Of course, general lighting is important, but by layering lighting in a room, you create dimension and interest as well as serenity and warmth. Lighting can also play off textural surfaces by reflecting light or creating visually intriguing shadows.


Natural elements make a room feel homier. Live plants in a room add subtle texture, as do organic elements like ornate branches, antlers, stones, seashells, and driftwood in the form of accessories. Shaggy wool rugs and fur throws are also excellent ways to add some natural texture. A wood-paneled accent wall is always warm and inviting, but you might also consider grasscloth wallpaper or bamboo panels, which offer intricate details and a modern look.


Texture allows various interior elements to play off of one another. Pit smooth against rough, sleek against nubby, polished against rustic, masculine against feminine, and coarse against fine.


Too much texture can clutter a space and dilute the visual effect, so be careful not to overdo it. Also, when it comes to fabrics, try not to repeat a texture. For example, if you’ve got some pillows in the same color family on a sofa, make sure to mix it up with a variety of materials—leather, silk, linen, chenille, cotton, velvet—to add interest.


Don’t be afraid to be creative and have fun with texture. If the room is dull and lackluster, energize it with a texture that draws attention, such as a charismatic wood-worn coffee table or metal chairs paired alongside a leather sofa. Unique texture in a living room makes a great conversation starter.

The commitment to enhancing a room with texture can be as big (installing molding, fixtures, faux finishes, new flooring) or as small (adding pillows, rugs, organic décor) as you’d like. No matter what direction you decide to take, the specialists at Gary Riggs Home are there to help you every step of the way. Drop by their Dallas store to explore the many available options and ideas.