Most people have an interest or hobby they love to spend time on, but aren’t lucky enough to have a designated room in their home to pursue their passions—or just to get some work done. Instead of continuing to work at the hectic kitchen table, maybe it’s time to design your own multi-purpose room.

A guest room might be the most rarely-used space in your home—until it doubles as a home office. And a laundry room is just a laundry room until it becomes your own craft room. There are many ways to make just about any room in your house pull over time, but coming up with ways to pull off a multi-purpose room can be tricky. Here are a few pointers to get your creativity flowing.

A guest bedroom that doubles as a home office can easily just look like a desk and a bed thrown together into a cramped room. One way to tackle this problem is to switch out your traditional bed with a Murphy bed, which folds into the wall and can be completely hidden if necessary. This option almost completely hides the fact that you’re working in the guest room, while still maintaining the room’s functionality when guests come over for a visit. You might also consider a small daybed, which can double as a couch when you need to take a break after a long stretch of work at the computer.

When combining a laundry and craft room, it all comes down to how much space is available. If you’re lucky and have a spacious laundry room, you can add a large table to the middle of the room, keeping the washer and dryer out of the way against a wall. Add storage for craft supplies away from the washer and dryer so the laundry space can be kept separate. If square footage is limited, however, a stacking washer and dryer is an ideal way to save space. This will, in turn, allow for a built-in cabinet and work table with plenty of storage capacity.

Your multi-purpose room doesn’t even necessarily have to be a room—closets are often one of the most overlooked and untapped spaces in a home. Converted closet workspaces make great offices, homework nooks, or weekend crafting areas. To make the most of a converted closet workspace, think about investing in a built-in desk with storage space, or installing shelving over an existing desk that fits well in the space. Your new closet workspace can be left open as a part of the room it’s in, or it can be hidden by a curtain or folding door for more privacy.