Now that your child has flown the coop, you’ve got little spare real estate in your house to reinvent into a room you’ve always dreamed about. Although the possibilities are endless, the designers at Gary Riggs Home have narrowed down five ways to convert your child’s former bedroom into a little extra space you can call your own.

Private Refuge: If you need a little space to re-energize and unwind, you can easily transform your child’s old room into a sanctuary of peace and relaxation. Furnish the room with a comfortable chair to curl up in while reading and a daybed with a favorite comforter for afternoon naps.  Include a mat, scented candles and a Bluetooth MP3 sound system, and you’ll have the perfect retreat for meditation, tai chi or yoga.

Entertainment Cave: Use the extra room by turning it into a home theater. First, make the room as dark as possible by installing blackout and sound dampening drapes over any windows and painting the walls a dark, light-absorbing color. Put down a plush rug or install carpet in the room to improve the sound. Depending on the size of the room, add four to six reclining chairs with cup holders in the armrests. On the wall, hang a massive HDTV and install a surround-sound system.

Fitness Room: Get rid of the gym membership and turn your kid’s old bedroom into your own personal exercise room. Put in one or two pieces of fitness equipment along with some weights and a bench, and you’ll be set. You can even put a flat-screen TV on the wall for exercise videos or some workout distraction.

Home Office: You’ve always dreamed of being able to work from home or write a novel, and now you have the opportunity to set up space where you can do just those things. Put in a stylish desk with room not only for a monitor and keyboard but also space where you can write and do other necessary work. Include a two-drawer file cabinet, a small printer table, a set of shelves, and an ergonomic office chair, and you’re ready to get to work.

Hobby Studio: If you’re a scrapbooker, aspiring painter or all-around crafty person, you can easily convert the room into a creative studio where you can store and organize all of your tools of the trade.

And just because you might have transformed your bedroom into something else doesn’t mean your kids can’t still use it when they return home for overnight visits. A Murphy bed is the perfect solution: it can be conveniently stored away when it’s not in use.