The home can feel a little stuffy and stale after the winter.  You may be itching to freshen up with some bright colors and accessories.  But before you go out and spend a lot of money, interiors expert Gary Riggs offers some simple, affordable solutions.

Here are his tips for an easy, affordable Spring home makeover:

Change the paint.  It’s the easilest way to brighten up your home.  You can change it every year and transform your home

Pillows.  If you’re a seamstress, grab some bright patterns in hues of pinks and greens.  Swap out your pillows in bold patterns to make you feel cheery.

Fresh flowers.  There’s always a special on flowers at the grocery store, buy what’s in season.  Fresh cut flowers cost very little but can transform a space and make you feel happy!

Frames and mirrors.  Mirrors bring in more light and make a space look bigger.  But if you have a cracked one, or a tacky large frame, spray paint it and hang it empty.  It will make great wall decor and something fun and different!


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