More than one-third of our life is spent sleeping, but the bedroom is more than just the place we slumber. It’s where we retreat to relax, recharge and reflect at the end of the day.

Because it’s easily the most significant room in your house, plenty of time and energy should be devoted to making sure your bedroom is comfortable and welcoming as well as stylish. Check out some of the dreamy bedrooms created by the designers at Gary Riggs Home, and get inspired to create your own personal oasis.

Mix It Up
Don’t be afraid to mix patterns. An odd number of patterns seem to work best—use three, at minimum. The key to making pattern-mixing work is choosing patterns in a variety of scales, from large to medium to small.

Fabric Feature
A feature wall of cushioned fabric behind the bed creates a warm, comforting bedroom environment.

Great Heights
Emphasize your bedroom’s striking high ceilings with tall bedposts or headboard. The height of the piece will draw the eye up and enhance the room’s size.

Western Passion
Warm woods, dark tooled leather and cowhide give a room a western look that will satisfy any cowboy or cowgirl.

Have a Seat
If your bedroom is large enough, think about adding a seating area with a couple of chairs and a small table. Chairs cozy up a big room and make it more inviting, and they offer a place to come and relax that’s not your bed.

Bright Idea
Bring bright pops of color into the bedroom to contrast with neutral tones. Try yellow with gray, lime green with black or aquamarine with tan.

Pillows, Pillows, Pillows
Create a sumptuous, stylish statement with layers of several standard and decorative pillows.

Velvet Smooth
The sheen and softness of velvet paired with a jacquard bedcover creates a romantic vintage feel in the bedroom.

Animal Magnetism
Supple leather and plush fur adds both masculine and feminine elements to a bedroom.

Luxurious Lifestyle
Go glam with luxurious accents like a crystal chandelier, gold-toned accents and plenty of mirrors.

Deep and Dark
Dark wood and deep red walls and accessories bring down the brightness of a bedroom and make you feel like the room is enveloping you.

Exotic Beauty
A bedroom decorated with jungle and tropical themes can send you on a great escape.

Season to Taste
Mix up the seasons in your bedroom by combining spring colors with fall hues. It’s a versatile look that’ll last you year-round.

Bedside Desk
If space is at a premium in your home, a small writing table next to your bed can double as a nightstand and a desk.