When you’re changing the look of a room, it’s never a bad idea to add some character to your walls. Paint is always a great backdrop, but the right wallpaper can really transform a space.

According to the designers at Gary Riggs Home, wallpaper has made leaps and bounds in recent years, and there are a multitude of options available on the market today. Wallpapers give you the power to add depth, texture, intricate patterns and varied colors to your walls with ease.

Here are a few tips and ideas for choosing the right wallpaper for any room in your home.

Living Room

Whether your living room is a fancy parlor, a cozy den, a simple family room or a posh lounge, wallpaper is the single most effective way to enrich your living space. Choose a covering that is suitable for the feel of the room, such as large-scale patterns for a formal look or metallic gold or silver wallpapers for a subtle modern sheen. The paper doesn’t have to cover the entire room—try a papered accent wall with a bold color or pattern.


When adding wallpaper to a bedroom, whether it’s the master or guest, keep in mind that you want to create a space for relaxation and comfort. But you should also consider the ambiance you want to set in the room. For a sensual, boudoir-style influence, consider a luxe damask pattern or silk wallpaper. For a romantic, tropical mood, grasscloth is perfect for the master bedroom. It’s a natural fiber that gives texture to the room—plus it’s cleanable. If you’d like the feel of a quaint bed and breakfast, try a softly shaded French floral or toile wallpaper. Again, you don’t need to cover all of the walls—try covering just the wall behind the headboard and then painting the other walls a serene, soothing color.


The bathroom is an opportunity to have fun with your walls—it’s the perfect spot to use wallpaper that’s extra-bold and dynamic. Metallic foil wallpaper adds some sparkle to a room that doesn’t get much natural light. Vinyl wallpaper comes in a variety of styles and textures—such as the look of leather, wood grain, and cloth—and is amazing for bathrooms because of its durable, easy-clean qualities. For something unusual and environmentally friendly, consider using cork wall covering, which is sustainable and comes in a variety of colors.

Don’t be afraid of wallpaper or feel overwhelmed by the many choices available to you—just consider the size, feel and function of the room before you choose. The designers at Gary Riggs Home are there to guide you every step of your wallpaper journey. Be sure to visit their Dallas store to look over their many samples and see for yourself how wallpaper can transform your living space.