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The design district showroom that now serves as headquarters for Gary Riggs Home is such a head-turner that local photographers often ask Riggs if they can stage photoshoots inside. The good-natured Riggs welcomes them with [...]

Color Choice: How to Choose Between White and Cream Walls?

Design debates can be fun: Minimalism versus maximalism, traditional versus modern, white walls versus anything. What a white-paint devotee heralds as that option’s greatest asset others might see as its biggest drawback. It got me [...]

Master of your Domain

Designer Gary Riggs is at his best helping you discover your own style We’ve all experienced that sensation: You walk into someone’s home for the first time, and soak in their space. And it is… [...]

What to expect from Gary Riggs Home

At Gary Riggs Home, our experienced interior designers are committed to helping each customer upgrade his home décor and home design to make it more comfortable, functional, and attractive. We work closely with each customer [...]

Bring Nature Indoors

It’s well known that bringing the beauty of nature into indoor living spaces promotes health, relieves stress and restores tranquility. To help you add a touch of nature to your home, the interior experts at [...]

How to Design a Multi-Purpose Room

Most people have an interest or hobby they love to spend time on, but aren’t lucky enough to have a designated room in their home to pursue their passions—or just to get some work done. [...]

Designing a Stylish and Practical Nursery

When you’re expecting a new baby, creating the ideal nursery is one of the most important things on your to-do list. It should be a delightful, functional and relaxing space that is filled with furniture, [...]

Bring the Outdoors Inside

The colder temperatures might be keeping you from enjoying the outdoors, but that doesn't mean you can't bring a bit of nature inside. It’s well known that bringing the beauty of nature into indoor living [...]

There’s More to Light Than Meets the Eye

Light is the animator of space, and it’s a very powerful tool in interior design. The specialists at Gary Riggs Home offer their advice on how to turn a dull, soulless room into one that [...]

How to make your winter whites shine

In contrast to spring's bold colors, the most beautiful aspect of decorating for winter is the absence of color. By using plenty of white in your decor, you can fill your home with a wonderful, [...]

How Light Affects Your Wall Color

Color is one of the most fundamental elements of design—and one of the easiest ways to transform a room. But what has the biggest effect on color is light—especially sunlight. The designers at Gary Riggs [...]

Cozy Up to These Mantel Decorating Ideas

Chillier temperatures are on the way, and there’s nothing better than sparking a cozy blaze in the fireplace when there’s a snap in the air. The mantel is a visual focal point of a room, [...]

Tips On Accessorizing Your Living Room

Accessorizing your living space is one of the easiest ways to express your personality and create a home that is both stylish and inviting. The specialists at Gary Riggs Home offer these tips on using [...]

Finding The Right Bedside Table

Everyone knows that the bed is the most important piece of furniture in a bedroom, but the nightstand you place next to the bed is also critical—and not just in terms of style. It’s where [...]

Instantly Change a Room’s Look with Wallpaper

When you're changing the look of a room, it’s never a bad idea to add some character to your walls. Paint is always a great backdrop, but the right wallpaper can really transform a space. [...]

Rules for Styling Your Coffee Table

The coffee table is often the focal point of a living room and can be one of the trickiest pieces to decorate. Too much, and the table seems cluttered; too sparse, and it feels lifeless. [...]

Make a Grand Entrance

  Your entryway is the place that welcomes you home each day and makes a first impression on your guests. Whether your home has an immense foyer or not much of an entry space at [...]

Empty Nest? Five Ideas for your Child’s old Bedroom

Now that your child has flown the coop, you’ve got little spare real estate in your house to reinvent into a room you’ve always dreamed about. Although the possibilities are endless, the designers at Gary [...]

Tips for rearranging your living room

The designers at Gary Riggs Home know it takes more than furniture and décor to make a house a home—it also involves satisfying the human psyche. Studies show that we feel happier when surrounded by [...]

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