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The design district showroom that now serves as headquarters for Gary Riggs Home is such a head-turner that local photographers often ask Riggs if they can stage photoshoots inside. The good-natured Riggs welcomes them with open arms and doesn’t even charge a fee. LeeAnne Locken of The Real Housewives of Dallas was the subject of a recent photoshoot, Riggs mentions. His standout aesthetic has obviously gotten noticed. “I’m outside of the box and have a unique aesthetic as to the way we present things,” Riggs explains “The way I buy is different—I’m not afraid of expensive fabrics and color.” [...]

Color Choice: How to Choose Between White and Cream Walls?

Design debates can be fun: Minimalism versus maximalism, traditional versus modern, white walls versus anything. What a white-paint devotee heralds as that option’s greatest asset others might see as its biggest drawback. It got me thinking: How do off-whites like cream and ivory factor into the debate? Let’s tally up the virtues and drawbacks of white paint and off-white paint and see where you land. Let us know in the Comments which neutral hue is right for you. The allure of white paint Serenity now To many, a white room is a breath of fresh air. An all-white version [...]

Master of your Domain

Designer Gary Riggs is at his best helping you discover your own style We’ve all experienced that sensation: You walk into someone’s home for the first time, and soak in their space. And it is… magnificent. Or malignant. You can’t always put your finger on it — sometimes the décor works, sometimes it feels woefully off — but you know there’s something at work there. You just can’t say what. Well, Gary Riggs can. As founder of Gary Riggs Home, a high-end showroom and design studio along the tony furnishings enclave of Alpha Road, Riggs has made a career [...]

What to expect from Gary Riggs Home

At Gary Riggs Home, our experienced interior designers are committed to helping each customer upgrade his home décor and home design to make it more comfortable, functional, and attractive. We work closely with each customer to ensure that his interior décor works with his budget, personal preferences, and lifestyle. Watch this video for an up close look at what to expect from Gary Riggs Home. Our home design showroom features top home décor brands and a variety of home décor styles and designs, making it easy for you to find amazing home décor ideas.

Bring Nature Indoors

It’s well known that bringing the beauty of nature into indoor living spaces promotes health, relieves stress and restores tranquility. To help you add a touch of nature to your home, the interior experts at Gary Riggs Home offer these simple tips. Plants & Flowers The most obvious way to bring the outdoors inside is with houseplants and fresh-cut flowers. Potted plants and small trees or shrubs bring life to every room, while fresh-cut flowers add color and elegance. Also, multiple studies have shown that plants and flowers boost feelings of happiness and peacefulness. Natural Elements Plants aren't the [...]

How to Design a Multi-Purpose Room

Most people have an interest or hobby they love to spend time on, but aren’t lucky enough to have a designated room in their home to pursue their passions—or just to get some work done. Instead of continuing to work at the hectic kitchen table, maybe it's time to design your own multi-purpose room. A guest room might be the most rarely-used space in your home—until it doubles as a home office. And a laundry room is just a laundry room until it becomes your own craft room. There are many ways to make just about any room in [...]

Designing a Stylish and Practical Nursery

When you’re expecting a new baby, creating the ideal nursery is one of the most important things on your to-do list. It should be a delightful, functional and relaxing space that is filled with furniture, accessories and colors that will grow with the little one. The expert designers at Gary Riggs Home in Dallas have come up with a few tips to help design the perfect nursery to welcome your new bundle of joy with ease. Color First, choose the nursery colors. Choose a color scheme that is pleasing and relaxing for both you and baby during those 2 [...]

Bring the Outdoors Inside

The colder temperatures might be keeping you from enjoying the outdoors, but that doesn't mean you can't bring a bit of nature inside. It’s well known that bringing the beauty of nature into indoor living spaces promotes health, relieves stress and restores tranquility. To help you add a touch of nature to your home, the interior experts at Gary Riggs Home offer these simple tips. Plants & Flowers The most obvious way to bring the outdoors inside is with houseplants and fresh-cut flowers. Potted plants and small trees or shrubs bring life to every room, while fresh-cut flowers add [...]

There’s More to Light Than Meets the Eye

Light is the animator of space, and it’s a very powerful tool in interior design. The specialists at Gary Riggs Home offer their advice on how to turn a dull, soulless room into one that can be vibrant and exciting, soulful and welcoming or serene and relaxing. One of the most straightforward ways to maximize light in a room is to eschew heavy, dark window treatments that prevent natural light from entering the room. Mirrors can also have a huge impact on the amount of light in a room. A big mirror mounted opposite a window amplifies the amount of light [...]

How to make your winter whites shine

In contrast to spring's bold colors, the most beautiful aspect of decorating for winter is the absence of color. By using plenty of white in your decor, you can fill your home with a wonderful, peaceful atmosphere akin to looking out onto a blanket of fresh snow. With just a few easy, inexpensive changes, you can make your home an expression of everything that's lovely about the cooler months. You might usually associate plants with warmer months, but paperwhites are a wonderful way to add something living to your winter white decor. These beautiful flowers have a fragrance similar to [...]

How Light Affects Your Wall Color

Color is one of the most fundamental elements of design—and one of the easiest ways to transform a room. But what has the biggest effect on color is light—especially sunlight. The designers at Gary Riggs Home are here to shed light on how to make the most of color in your space. When we see light, we think of it as being white or colorless. But in actuality, light is not white—it is instead a spectrum of red, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. There are some colors, such as reds, oranges, browns and blacks, which hold light like a [...]

Cozy Up to These Mantel Decorating Ideas

Chillier temperatures are on the way, and there’s nothing better than sparking a cozy blaze in the fireplace when there’s a snap in the air. The mantel is a visual focal point of a room, and it should be treated as a piece of furniture rather than a part of the room’s architecture. The design specialists at Gary Riggs Home have collected a few of their favorite ways to warm up a mantel during the chilly months ahead. Three Plus One There’s a simple rule decorators use for mantels called “three plus one.” Start by selecting a group three [...]

Tips On Accessorizing Your Living Room

Accessorizing your living space is one of the easiest ways to express your personality and create a home that is both stylish and inviting. The specialists at Gary Riggs Home offer these tips on using accessories to transform your living room. Find Your Focus. First, look for the permanent focal points of the room. These are the areas people’s eyes are drawn to—such as a window, fireplace or coffered ceiling—and you want to make sure these places are not cluttered or overwhelmed when you begin adding accessories. Get Inspired. Start with an inspiration. Maybe it’s a theme, such as [...]

Finding The Right Bedside Table

Everyone knows that the bed is the most important piece of furniture in a bedroom, but the nightstand you place next to the bed is also critical—and not just in terms of style. It’s where we store and display all our personal necessities for a relaxing night’s sleep: a lamp, a good read, a glass of water and perhaps a cup of tea. But just because the bedside table performs a crucial function, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. The specialists at Gary Riggs Home offer these tips for picking just the right bedside table for your [...]

Instantly Change a Room’s Look with Wallpaper

When you're changing the look of a room, it’s never a bad idea to add some character to your walls. Paint is always a great backdrop, but the right wallpaper can really transform a space. According to the designers at Gary Riggs Home, wallpaper has made leaps and bounds in recent years, and there are a multitude of options available on the market today. Wallpapers give you the power to add depth, texture, intricate patterns and varied colors to your walls with ease. Here are a few tips and ideas for choosing the right wallpaper for any room in [...]

Rules for Styling Your Coffee Table

The coffee table is often the focal point of a living room and can be one of the trickiest pieces to decorate. Too much, and the table seems cluttered; too sparse, and it feels lifeless. To help you bring just the right style to your table, designers of Gary Riggs Home have come up with a few tips and ideas. Consider the Scheme The style of your coffee table should conform to the rest of the room’s décor and color palette. Be conscious of the dominant colors of every item you place on the table and whether it helps [...]

Make a Grand Entrance

  Your entryway is the place that welcomes you home each day and makes a first impression on your guests. Whether your home has an immense foyer or not much of an entry space at all, the designers at Gary Riggs Home have a few ideas to help you create a welcoming entryway. Define the Area. How you decorate your home’s entryway depends largely on its size and visual perspective. Foyers that are well defined by walls, a hallway, doorways or flooring changes make it easier to determine how much area you have to work with. But even if [...]

Empty Nest? Five Ideas for your Child’s old Bedroom

Now that your child has flown the coop, you’ve got little spare real estate in your house to reinvent into a room you’ve always dreamed about. Although the possibilities are endless, the designers at Gary Riggs Home have narrowed down five ways to convert your child’s former bedroom into a little extra space you can call your own. Private Refuge: If you need a little space to re-energize and unwind, you can easily transform your child’s old room into a sanctuary of peace and relaxation. Furnish the room with a comfortable chair to curl up in while reading and a [...]

Tips for rearranging your living room

The designers at Gary Riggs Home know it takes more than furniture and décor to make a house a home—it also involves satisfying the human psyche. Studies show that we feel happier when surrounded by symmetry, and we gravitate to spaces that are isometric and balanced. The designers of Gary Riggs Home have come up with some ways to create a living room environment that will help you relax and reenergize. Size It Up How you place furniture and other items in a living room determines whether the space is comfortable or disconcerting. A cluttered small room can seem [...]

Create a Homey Feel with Texture

Make your home cozy and welcoming this fall by enhancing your living space with texture. The designers at Gary Riggs Home believe that this crucial but often-overlooked design component adds dimension to a room that might otherwise feel flat and uninviting. Here are a few ways you can add texture and depth to any room. Color Utilizing the same visual tone throughout a room makes it feel lifeless and bland. Decorating with tonal color variations adds dimension and visual interest. Choose three colors to mix throughout the room in the form of wall décor, accent rugs, accent pillows, accessories [...]

Make Your Bedroom Feel Like a Five-Star Hotel

Who doesn’t love staying in an upscale hotel and sleeping in a luxurious bed? Don’t you wish you could have this same lavish experience in your own bedroom? The specialists at Gary Riggs Home have come up with a few ways to help you do just that. The Bed Naturally, creating a five-star bedroom starts with the bed. The mattress is the foundation of any bed, and only a top-of-the-line pillow top will do for recreating that sumptuous comfort and support. Once you have the base, then it comes down to building those soothing layers of crisp linens, plush [...]

Transform Your New House Into a Home

There’s nothing like moving into a new place to give you the urge to decorate. And even though you’re excited about the prospect of creating your dream home, there’s also the overwhelming stress of just how to go about it. Use these tips to help you transition your new place from a house to a home. Consider how you live. Before you do anything, consider how you’ll be using your home. Do you entertain a lot? Have a big family? Lots of dogs? Small children? None of the above? Assessing what matters to you and complements your lifestyle will [...]

Small Design Changes That Will Transform Any Room

Sometimes you just need a change. Nothing drastic—just a little something that freshens up a space and gives the room a different perspective. The designers at Gary Riggs Home have come up with a few ideas to help you quench that desire for something a little different. Throw Pillows Something as simple as new accent pillows on chairs and couches can transform the look of a room. For example, if you currently have pillows in softer colors like neutrals and pastels, try switching to something bolder like reds, oranges and yellows. Lampshade Changing the lampshades in a room can [...]

10 Tips and Tricks for Picking Accessories

  The fields of home decor and fashion have a lot in common. For instance few well-placed accessories are essential to tying a look together, whether it's a trendy get-up or a room of your home. The designers at Gary Riggs Home offer these 10 tips and tricks on how to pick the right items to transform your space from drab to dazzling. 1. Keep your individual style in mind. Your accessories—and, by extension, your home—are a reflection of your personality. The items you choose to display will communicate that throughout your home, so choose your home accessories carefully and [...]

Five Guidelines for Adding a New Furniture Piece

Want to turn your living space from blah to bedazzling? A new piece of furniture might just be the answer. To help, the designers at Gary Riggs Home offer five guidelines for finding and buying just the right piece. 1. Consider if the piece fits your individual style. Your home is an expression of you, and what’s trendy right now won’t always match your personal tastes. Just because that lime green ottoman looks great in the showroom or magazine spread doesn’t mean it will jibe with the rest of your furniture. To ensure you’re purchasing the right piece, evaluate [...]

Ideas for Decorating Your Dream Bedroom

More than one-third of our lifetime is spent sleeping, but the bedroom is more than just the place we slumber. It’s where we retreat to relax, recharge and reflect at the end of the day. Because it’s easily the most significant room in your house, plenty of time and energy should be devoted to making sure your bedroom is comfortable and welcoming as well as stylish. Check out some of the dreamy bedrooms created by the designers at Gary Riggs Home, and get inspired to create your own personal oasis. Mix It Up Don’t be afraid to mix patterns. An [...]

Create a Whole New Mood With Color

  Color and mood are so intricately connected that we often don’t even that realize our thoughts and feelings have been lifted by a bright blue sky or a vivacious batch of magenta flowers. People see color before any other aspect of a room, so when it comes to picking a new wall paint, it is important to choose wisely. The designers at Gary Riggs Home offer some advice on how to select colors that not only reflect your individual style but also provoke just the right mood. Keep Some Guidelines in Mind There are no rules when it [...]

Outside of Park City, Utah

Outside of Park City, Utah, we were fortunate to be able to install this 12,000 sq. ft. vacation home. Stunning views and landscapes made for an inspirational setting. We think the house, which will be featured in the upcoming issue of Beverly Drive Magazine, turned out pretty amazing!

Thanks to Luxe for featuring us on their Portfolio Spotlight!

Luxe Magazine featured Gary Riggs Home as their LuxeSource Portfolio Spotlight on Facebook. Check out their review of Gary Riggs Home on Facebook. Gary Riggs Home is also featured on the Luxe Magazine website. VIEW GARY RIGGS ON FACEBOOK    

Featured on West Elm Blog

A striking mix of patterns, colors and textures, this bedroom looks luxurious and warm. The range of colors — yellow, mauve and beige — combined with a mix of textures — tufted headboard, polished wood, matelesse bedding and velvet pillows showcases the graphic pattern of the ikat-inspired Organic Cotton Chevron Duvet from west elm. There is a lot going on — but it is accomplished with purpose and looks great! See on West Elm  

ELLE DECOR: The Best New Stores

Decorator Gary Riggs has opened his second Dallas Store, in a 45,000-square-foot space. Furniture, lighting, and accessories by Henredon, Visual Comfort & Co., Barbara Barry, and Ralph Lauren Home, among others, are displayed in more than 30 rooms on three expansive floors.

Ralph Lauren joins Gary Riggs Home

When Gary Riggs embarked on opening his new 40,000 sq. ft. retail showroom across from the Galleria in Dallas, he knew he wanted Ralph Lauren to be a part of it. He has long been an admirer of Ralph Lauren's designs, both in fashion and home furnishings. There is some symmetry to what they both do in design and style so it was only fitting when Ralph Lauren joined forces with Gary Riggs Home.

Featured in Grand Luxe Magazine

Gary Riggs wants you to come home. With the opening of his new 45,000 square-foot comprehensive design studio and showroom in North Dallas, more than his address changed.

Gary Designs for DIFFA 2012

Gary Riggs had the honor and opportunity to design both a jacket and table for this year's 2012 DIFFA Smoking Haute event held at the Anatole Hotel in Dallas.

Gary Riggs on the KDAF

The home can feel a little stuffy and stale after the winter.  You may be itching to freshen up with some bright colors and accessories.  But before you go out and spend a lot of money, interiors expert Gary Riggs offers some simple, affordable solutions.

Design Guide Online Editorial

Nationally-noted interior designer, Gary Riggs, just hosted the VIP opening of his new 45,000 square-foot retail showroom in Dallas.