In contrast to spring’s bold colors, the most beautiful aspect of decorating for winter is the absence of color. By using plenty of white in your decor, you can fill your home with a wonderful, peaceful atmosphere akin to looking out onto a blanket of fresh snow. With just a few easy, inexpensive changes, you can make your home an expression of everything that’s lovely about the cooler months.

You might usually associate plants with warmer months, but paperwhites are a wonderful way to add something living to your winter white decor. These beautiful flowers have a fragrance similar to jasmine and bring the beauty of winter into your home for very little cost. They are available at many grocery stores and garden centers this time of year. Think of placing a group of them on a table in front of a window or on a window sill. A gorgeous bouquet of white, flowering plants can also be made with white orchids, tulips, or amaryllis—mix and match to your preference.

A can of white spray paint is also a decorator’s best friend this time of year. By simply walking out into your yard and gathering twigs and then lightly spray painting them, you can mimic the feel and look of snow for just a few dollars. Use these painted twigs as elements in arrangements made in white or clear vases and place them throughout the house. Don’t forget to mix it up with any other plant attractive yard debris you might find outside this time of year. Stay open to possibility—you may find some interesting dried plants other than twigs to use in your arrangements.

Wreaths can welcome visitors to your home and provide a wonderful feeling of celebration during the winter months. Again, by using white spray paint, you can paint pine cones and arrange them on a ready-made wreath backing purchased from your local hobby store. You might also consider placing your winter wreaths over the fireplace or in the entryway. Keep your eye out for plants with colorful berries this time of year, as they can also be lightly “frosted” with white spray paint.

Make a visit to your local antique store or market and pick up some low-cost doilies. Use these to decorate tables, mantles or even walls to imitate the look and feel of snowflakes. Doilies can be sewn together to make beautiful winter wall art. You can also hand-sew them onto white pillows to brings hints of winter to your couch or bed for the season.

Another technique for winterizing your decor is to swap out your everyday accessories, such as pillows or curtains, with bright white ones. If you add enough white to the room, it can unify the room and bring all your winter decor elements together. Just be careful that your whites all match—some whites can look more off-white than others. Pair some of the above DIY plant arrangements with white tablecloths and dishware.

Whatever way you choose to celebrate winter with your décor, remember that you don’t need to spend a small fortune. A little ingenuity and simple projects can take you a long way. Let the sights you might see on a snowy day be your inspiration, and follow Mother Nature’s lead by reproducing the effect of a white, snow-covered landscape in your home.