Who doesn’t love staying in an upscale hotel and sleeping in a luxurious bed? Don’t you wish you could have this same lavish experience in your own bedroom? The specialists at Gary Riggs Home have come up with a few ways to help you do just that.

The Bed

Naturally, creating a five-star bedroom starts with the bed. The mattress is the foundation of any bed, and only a top-of-the-line pillow top will do for recreating that sumptuous comfort and support.

Once you have the base, then it comes down to building those soothing layers of crisp linens, plush pillows, a coverlet and a cozy down comforter inside a tailored duvet. It’s these layers of fabric that will give you the sense you’re sinking into a posh hotel bed every night.

Choose white sheets and coverings. If you want color, you can add just a touch with a couple of throw pillows and a stylish throw.

Use only high-quality sheets with a thread count of at least 600—Egyptian cotton will feel the best against your skin. Most luxury hotels iron their sheets, but in lieu of ironing, you can use a spray bottle with lavender sprigs in it to refresh the fabrics between washings.

Now it’s time for pillows. For a queen-sized bed, you’ll need two sleeping pillows, two standard shams with firm pillows inside, two Euro shams with a small amount of batting in the corners for a fuller look, two decorative/throw pillows and one boudoir pillow that shows off your personality. For a king-sized bed, double the number of pillows, standard shams and Euro shams.

Make sure the pillows are covered with protectors, which not only guard against stains but also give the pillows a firmer look and feel. Tuck in the openings of the sleeping pillow cases like an envelope for a nice, crisp look. Shake out and fluff all of the pillows each time you place them back on the bed.

For the final touch, place a soft, colorful throw across the foot of the bed. Now you have a sumptuous bed worthy of a five-star hotel, and one you’ll enjoy sleeping in every night.

The Room

Upscale hotels are masters at making even small rooms feel luxurious while still remaining functional. To do this, you’ll need to keep your bedroom simple and practical.

Start by placing the headboard against a seamless, uninterrupted wall, and anchor the bed by placing two proportionately sized matching night tables on either side. Keep the tops of the tables clean and sparse, with perhaps just an alarm clock and two lamps.

If there’s enough space in the bedroom, consider placing a comfortable chair or chaise lounge and a small table in one corner to create a sitting area.

Flooring options for a luxurious bedroom are all about function and taste. Most hotels have wall-to-wall carpet in a neutral color, but if you love your hardwood floors, just put down an area rug to warm everything up.

For drapery, layer gauzy, thin drapes in white or off-white against the window and heavier, neutral-colored noise and light-dampening curtains on the outside. Place these on double rods so you can open and close each drape independently.

Finally, the number one thing to remember if you want the feel of a luxury hotel room is to keep your bedroom uncluttered and tidy. You’ll be amazed at what a difference just making your bed every morning and putting away dirty clothes and shoes each night can make.