Graham Hobart

Born and raised in an African colony Graham Hobart has a strong connection to the Natural World. Even while in elementary school he was already carving animals in stone and soon progressed to bronze. After years of exploring remote places by bicycle, Hobart decided to start documenting his adventures with a camera. It was at this point that he fell in love with the photographic process and eventually found that he could use this medium to express himself as an artist.

For the past decade, Hobart has dedicated himself to capturing wildlife and landscapes within the infrared spectrum. Despite the tremendous difficulties associated with this process, Hobart has been able to establish an almost illustrative style that harkens back to the days of the old lithograph or etching.

“My work is meant to evoke a haunting nostalgia for a time when the animals roamed freely across the earth challenging those who view my images to actively pursue ways to reverse the current trend of destruction and extinction.”

– Graham Hobart