When Gary Riggs embarked on opening his new 40,000 sq. ft. retail showroom across from the Galleria in Dallas, he knew he wanted Ralph Lauren to be a part of it. He has long been an admirer of Ralph Lauren’s designs, both in fashion and home furnishings. There is some symmetry to what they both do in design and style so it was only fitting when Ralph Lauren joined forces with Gary Riggs Home. So along with many other amazing lines, you can now find Ralph Lauren featured in the new, one of a kind, uniquely beautiful Gary Riggs Home retail showroom off of Alpha Rd. in Dallas.


Read more of what Riggs has to say about the Ralph Lauren brand below in his recent interview with Design Guide.
Design Guide: When did you first become aware of the Ralph Lauren brand?

Gary Riggs: Not sure of exactly when, but many, many years ago.

DG: Were you immediately inspired and drawn to the brand and what Ralph Lauren was doing?

GR: I always liked his aesthetic and responded very much to his style. It has become a very distinguished, respected brand worldwide.

DG: Have you always envisioned that you would one day carry Ralph Lauren?

GR: I’ve always liked Ralph Lauren and had hoped to carry it when we opened the store. Now with new Gary Riggs Home, we’ve been able to accomplish that.

DG: What does it mean to Gary Riggs Home to be carrying the Ralph Lauren brand?

GR: We are glad to have RL and feel its a great look for the Gary Riggs aesthetic and compliments the many other amazing lines we are fortunate to carry.

DG: What does the Ralph Lauren brand represent to you?

GR: I think quality and style, a classic approach for a modern appeal; there’s a timeless quality as well.

DG: Is Ralph Lauren a source of inspiration in your own designs and work?

GR: I have always been impressed with his style, and I think that in many ways the brand has rubbed off on my own style or maybe adding to my own unique perspective. When you like something, it definitely can bleed into what you are doing, whether consciously or subconsciously.

DG: Do you have any favorite Ralph Lauren designs or products that continue to inspire you?

GR: I do not have any one favorite; I think it’s the entire look that appeals – the collected or collective look that makes the impact. It’s very difficult for one piece to make the room; it’s all of it working together.

DG: How do you see the home furnishings market progressing and where do you see the Ralph Lauren and Gary Riggs brand fitting in?

GR: Right now I think the evolution is continuing with classic looks presented in a modern flavor. For example, a black painted chandelier or I’ve been interjecting a lot of abstract art into very traditional, classic looks. I believe Ralph Lauren stays ahead of the curve and I do the same. I’m not following any trends, but rather I like to believe I’m setting them or at the very least creating my own way.

DG: As you are both a designer and artist, do you ever foresee opening a Gary Riggs clothing boutique?

GR: The possibility could be tempting because I love fashion. I would never say “never,” but right now no plans for that.

DG: If you ever had the opportunity to have a minute with Ralph Lauren, what is the one question you would ask him?

GR: I think I’d be most interested in how he’s been able to hold onto the passion for what he does for all these years.

(credits Design Guide by Rachel Duke)