Accessorizing your living space is one of the easiest ways to express your personality and create a home that is both stylish and inviting. The specialists at Gary Riggs Home offer these tips on using accessories to transform your living room.

Find Your Focus. First, look for the permanent focal points of the room. These are the areas people’s eyes are drawn to—such as a window, fireplace, or coffered ceiling—and you want to make sure these places are not cluttered or overwhelmed when you begin adding accessories.

Get Inspired. Start with an inspiration. Maybe it’s a theme, such as nautical or Western, or color and texture, such as rich jewel tones or glass and mirrors. Once you’ve decided what stirs you, you’ve got a foundation on which to build your entire design plan.

Learn the Rule of Three. When accessorizing with items like vases, candles, and other decorative pieces, remember the rule of three. The rule says that things are much more aesthetically appealing in threes, especially when they’re of varied sizes. For example, if you’re placing vases on one end of your mantel, try arranging three—one tall, one medium and one short—together in a group.


Stay Simple. If you’re doing your own decorating and you’re not yet comfortable accessorizing, a fail-safe method is to always stick to one or two colors. Designers often mix things up in unexpected ways to make a room feel fabulous. But if you’re doing it yourself, try to use just one bold color along with a neutral. This will make space feel larger and give it more depth. And don’t forget to balance your shades. If the furniture is dark, use a light-colored rug and throw pillows so the living room doesn’t become overwhelmed.

Mix It Up. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns, textures or add one or two distinctive accessories that don’t necessarily “match” the room’s furnishings or another décor. Adding texture and pattern to a room creates a lot of interest and depth. Consider textures like wicker, velvet, iron, raw wood, and fur to provide a touch of eclecticism and intrigue to a living room.

Take a Gut Check. Finally, trust your instincts when accessorizing any room. It doesn’t matter if the piece is ultra-trendy or styled in the “right” way if it doesn’t look good to you.

If you would like help accessorizing your living room—or any other room in your home—the decorators at Gary Riggs Home are happy to help.